Running the configuration tool on a local computer

If running the configuration tool on the Spotfire Server computer is impossible or inconvenient, you can run the tool on a local computer.


Java 8 runtime must be installed on the local computer.


  1. From the computer where Spotfire Server is installed, copy the <installation dir>/tomcat/webapps/spotfire/tools/spotfireconfigtool.jar file to the local computer.
    Note: If Spotfire Server is up and running, you can also access the spotfireconfigtool.jar file on the Server Tools page.
  2. On the local computer, unpack the .jar file by doing one of the following:
    • Double-click the spotfireconfigtool.jar file.
    • If your system does not recognize the file type, follow these steps:
      1. On the local computer, open a command line and go to the directory that contains the spotfireconfigtool.jar file.
      2. On the command line, enter the following command:
        java -jar spotfireconfigtool.jar
    A spotfireconfigtool directory is created in the same directory as the .jar file.
  3. In the newly-created directory, double-click uiconfig.bat (Windows) or (Linux) to open the configuration tool.