Upgrading Spotfire Server

To upgrade Spotfire Server, you install the new version of Spotfire Server, and then use the Spotfire Server upgrade tool to upgrade relevant settings, including configurations and node manager trust. Then you apply any available hotfix for the new version.

The upgrade tool upgrades the Spotfire database to the current version and, if selected, copies certain files from an old installation of Spotfire Server to the new Spotfire Server installation directory.

Note: If you are upgrading from a pre-7.5 Spotfire Server, you must have Spotfire Server 6.5.3 HF-008 (or later) or Spotfire Server 7.0.0 HF-002 (or later) installed. If you have an earlier version of Spotfire Server installed, you must first upgrade that server to one of these versions.
Note: After the Spotfire database is upgraded, older versions of Spotfire Server will not be able to connect to it. Therefore, stop any older Spotfire Servers connected to the Spotfire database before beginning an upgrade. If you intend to copy information from the old version, do not uninstall it until the new Spotfire Server is in place.
Note: In addition to stopping the older versions of the server, you should prevent the older servers from starting automatically when Windows starts. For instructions for servers running as Windows services, see Preventing Spotfire Servers and node managers from starting automatically.
Note: After the upgrade, make sure that the Administrator group has all licenses, including new ones, assigned to it. For a description of the licenses, see the License feature reference.