Server and node logging levels

To help locate and respond to issues that can arise in your Spotfire implementation, you can easily change the amount and types of server and node logs that Spotfire Server collects, without leaving the administration interface .

Spotfire Server provides four logging templates that correspond to the most common logging requirements. Each server and node in your implementation can be set to one of these logging levels.
Logging level Description
Standard (default) This logging level captures information-level data about runtime events. The log4j2.xml file controls this logging level.
Debug This level captures detailed debugging information as well as warnings, errors, and other details in the server.log.

The sql.log captures detailed SQL Server information.

If the server is started from a command prompt or shell, the output to the command prompt or shell is included in the server log. The template controls this logging level.

Minimal This level captures basic information about errors and warnings. The template controls this logging level.
Trace This level captures more detailed information than the debug level. Because this logging level is very comprehensive, it should be used carefully. The template controls this logging level.
Custom This level is used by Spotfire support. It makes it possible to upload customized logging templates.
Important: Administrators are strongly advised to use the included logging templates. Do not modify or delete these templates.

For a list of logging levels for services, see Service log levels.