Changing server and node logging levels

When Spotfire Server alerts you to an issue in your implementation, you can switch to a more complete logging level from within the Monitoring & Diagnostics area of the administration interface .


You must have administrative credentials for Spotfire Server.

Note: Alternatively, you can change logging levels by using the set-logging command. For information on using the command line, see Executing commands on the command line.
Note: It is a good practice to back up the existing logs and clear the logs folder before capturing the debug logs.


  1. Log in to Spotfire Server and click Monitoring & Diagnostics.
  2. On the Overview page, select the server(s) or the node(s) whose logging level you want to change.
  3. Click Set log configuration, select a different logging level, and click Set.


The changes appear in the Log configuration column.
Note: When the troubleshooting is completed, you should switch back to a lower logging level. You can return quickly to the Standard (default) level by selecting the server or node and clicking Reset log configuration.