Combination of LDAP and Spotfire database authentication

If you configure authentication towards an external user directory such as an LDAP directory, or a Windows NT Domain, you can combine this with adding users manually to the Spotfire database.

This feature allow users to access Spotfire eventhough they are not part of the external user directory. The reason for adding such users could for example be if they are temporary users, that you do not want to add to the LDAP directory, or to make sure that administrators can access Spotfire even if the connection to the LDAP directory is lost. These users will be added to the same domain as the groups created in Spotfire.

This feature is enabled by default. For information on how to disable this feature, see Disabling adding database users when using LDAP.
Note: If you switch from Spotfire database authentication to LDAP authentication, all users remaining in the Spotfire database will still have access to Spotfire.