Advanced OpenID Connect settings

More advanced settings can be configured for OpenID Connect, specifying what is displayed for end-users and what is communicated on the end-users between the provider and Spotfire Server.

For more information on these settings, refer to the documentation of the provider and to OpenID Connect,
Option Description
Domain name By default, the value of the issuer claim is used. A static name can be specified instead.
Username claim By default, the value of the sub claim is used. Another claim can be specified.
Scopes Add scopes to specify what access privileges are being requested. The requested scopes should preferably give access to the name and email claims.
Auth request prompt value The value to give the prompt request parameter when making the authentication request. Controls how the provider prompts the end-user. May be one of none, login, consent and select_account. This is optional. By default the parameter will be omitted from the request.
Background color You can specify a background color, as a hexadecimal value, for the added provider on the login page.
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