Installing Spotfire Web Player instances

After installing and authorizing a node manager, you install the Spotfire Web Player service and indicate the number of Spotfire Web Player instances that you want to make available. The Spotfire Web Player instances can then be accessed on any computer in the network.



  1. Log in to Spotfire Server and click Nodes & Services.
  2. Under Select a view, select Nodes, and then select the node to which you want to add the Spotfire Web Player service. There should be a green circle with a check mark next to the selected node.
  3. In the lower-right pane, click Install new service.
  4. Make your selections in the "Install new service" dialog:
    1. Under Deployment area, select the area you are using.
      Note: Administrators generally create a Test deployment area to use as a staging server.
    2. Under Capability, select Web Player.
    3. Under Configuration, select the service configuration that you want to apply to the service.
      Note: Spotfire Server contains a default service configuration that you can replace later. If you want to prepare a configuration file ahead of time, see Preconfiguring Spotfire Web Player services.
    4. Under Number of instances, enter the number of instances of the service that you want to make available. For more information, see Multiple service instances on one node.
    5. Under Port, you can change the default of 9501 if you want to.
    6. Enter a name for this service.
  5. Click Install and start.
    To view the progress of the installation, click the Activity tab.

What to do next