Upgrading from Spotfire 7.5 or later

Follow these steps to upgrade your Spotfire 7.5 or later environment to the new version of Spotfire.

The Spotfire Server and node manager upgrade tools copy all relevant settings, including configurations and node manager trust, to your new Spotfire environment.



  1. Stop your Spotfire Servers and node managers. For information on how to stop them, see Start or stop Spotfire Server and Starting or stopping node manager.
  2. Set the Startup type to Manual for your existing Spotfire Servers and node managers to prevent the old installation from starting automatically and causing a port conflict with the new installation. For instructions, see Preventing Spotfire Servers and node managers from starting automatically.
  3. Install the new version of Spotfire Server. For instructions and details related to the upgrade, see Installation of Spotfire Server during upgrade.
  4. Apply the latest hotfix to all the Spotfire Servers. For more information, see Applying hotfixes to the server.
  5. Upgrade the Spotfire Servers by running the Spotfire Server upgrade tool on each server. For more information, see Run the Spotfire Server upgrade tool.
    Note: If your servers are clustered, run the upgrade tool on only one of the servers in the cluster.
  6. Start the new Spotfire Servers. For information on how to start the Spotfire Server, see Start Spotfire Server.
  7. After the upgrade, make sure that the Administrator group has all licenses, including new ones, assigned to it. Use the Administration Manager in Spotfire Analyst to assign licenses. For a description of the licenses, see the Administration Manager help.
  8. Deploy the Spotfire client packages (Spotfire.Dxp.sdn) and node manager packages (Spotfire.Dxp.NodeManagerWindows.sdn) to the new Spotfire Server. For more information on how to deploy packages to Spotfire Server, see Deploying client packages to Spotfire Server.
  9. Upgrade the nodes by installing the new node manager and running the node manager upgrade tool on each node. For more information, see Upgrading nodes.
    Note: When installing the new node managers, specify the same ports that were used by the old node managers.
  10. Apply any hotfixes for the node managers. For more information, see Applying hotfixes to the Spotfire environment.
  11. Start the node managers. For information on how to start the node managers, see Starting or stopping a node manager (as a Windows service).
  12. Update all services on all nodes in your environment. For information on how to update the services, see Upgrading services.
  13. Optional: Verify or edit changes to service configuration files. Your existing configurations will work in the new version of Spotfire, but some settings have been added or changed and must be updated manually if you do not want to use the default values. For more information, see Upgrading service configurations.