Enabling health check URL for load balanced servers

When using a load balancer in front of a cluster of Spotfire Servers, a health check URL can be set up to show the status of the servers.

For general information about Spotfire Server clusters, see Clustered server deployments.


  1. Open a command-line interface and export the active configuration by using the export-config command. (For details on using the Spotfire command line, see Executing commands on the command line.)
  2. On the command line, enter the following command:
    config set-config-prop --name=status-controller.enabled --value=true
    For information about the command options, see set-config-prop.
  3. Import the configuration file back to the Spotfire database by using the import-config command.
  4. Restart the Spotfire Servers in the cluster.


You can now use the URL /spotfire/rest/status/getStatus to check the status of the servers in your cluster.
  • If the health check URL hasn't been enabled, the HTTP code 404 is returned.
  • If the server is up and running, the HTTP code 200 is returned along with the text RUNNING.
  • If the server is currently starting or stopping, the HTTP code 503 is returned along with the text STARTING or STOPPING.