Imports a server configuration from a file to the server database.

[-b value | --bootstrap-config=value] 
[-t value | --tool-password=value] 
<-c value | --comment=value> 
[-d <true|false> | --delete-file=<true|false>] 
[import file]


Use this command to import a server configuration from a file to the server database and to set it as the current configuration. Such a server configuration file can be generated either by running the export-config command or by creating a new default configuration by using the create-default-config command. If an identical configuration file already exists in the server database, the existing configuration will have its description and modification date updated.


Option Optional or Required Default Value Description
-b value
Optional none The path to the bootstrap configuration file. See Bootstrap.xml file for more information about this file.
-t value
Optional none The configuration tool password used to decrypt the database password in the bootstrap.xml file. If the tool password is omitted, the command will prompt the end-user for it on the console. See Bootstrap.xml file for more information.
-c value
Required none A comment describing the reason for the configuration change. Make sure to enclose the specified comment in quotation marks and to quote all special characters that might otherwise be consumed by the command line shell.
-d <true|false>
Optional false Indicates whether the imported configuration file should be deleted from the file system after a successful import.
[import file]
Optional configuration.xml The path to the configuration file to import.