Spotfire Analyst actions logged from the web service

Spotfire Server logs actions that are performed by the user in Spotfire Analyst. Actions are logged according to the category.

For information about each category, see Action Log categories. For more information about the actions, see the help topics in Spotfire Analyst.

Logged action Description
apply_bookmark Applied a bookmark to the specified analysis in Spotfire Analyst.
set_page Set a page in the specified library item in Spotfire Analyst.
Logged action Description
login The specified user logged in to Spotfire Analyst.
logout The specified user logged out from Spotfire Analyst.
Logged action Description
create_connection Connected to a data source.
create_source Created a data source.
get_data Retrieved data from a data source.
load_connection Loaded the data connection.
load_source Loaded the source.
synch_connection Synchronized the connection.
update_connection Updated a connection.
update_source Updated the source.
Logged action Description
execute Ran a data function in Spotfire Analyst.
Logged action Description
execute Ran an analysis using a data source using the specified paramaters
Logged action Description
load Loaded a file in Spotfire Analyst.
Logged action Description
close Closed an analysis in Spotfire Analyst.
load Loaded an analysis in Spotfire Analyst.