Deploying client packages to Spotfire Server

To install and use the Spotfire Analyst client and Spotfire web client, you must first deploy the following distribution file (.sdn file) to Spotfire Server: Spotfire.Dxp.sdn.

For more information about deployments, see Deployments and deployment areas.



  1. Log in to Spotfire Server by going to http://servername:port/spotfire, where port is the server front-end port (specified in step 7 of Installing the Spotfire Server files (interactively on Windows)).
  2. Click Deployments & Packages.
  3. On the Deployments & Packages page, under Deployment areas, select the area you are currently using.
  4. In the "Software packages" pane, click Add packages.
  5. In the "Add packages" dialog, click Choose File.
  6. Browse to and then double-click the Spotfire.Dxp.sdn file.
  7. In the "Add packages" dialog, click Upload.
    After the packages are uploaded to the server (this may take a while), the new software packages are displayed in the "Software packages" pane.
  8. At the top of the "Software packages" pane, click Validate to check the deployment, and then click Save.
  9. In the "Save deployment" dialog that opens, verify or edit the details and then click Save.

What to do next

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