Node manager installation

To be able to run services, you must first install and trust one or several node managers, depending on the expected workload. Node managers should not be installed on computers that are running Spotfire Server.

Currently the node manager is capable of running two different services: Spotfire Web Player and Spotfire Automation Services.

The installation of the node manager creates a Windows service that runs as the LocalSystem account.
Important: If you change the node manager service account, make sure that the account is a local administrator and that it has read and write access to the node manager installation directory and subdirectories.
There are two principal ways to install and trust a node manager:
  • In an interactive installation, you run the nm-setup.exe file and then use the administrative tools in Spotfire Server to trust the node and install services and service instances. This is the most common method. For details, see Installing a node manager interactively.
  • In a silent installation, you run the installer from the command line. For details, see Installing a node manager silently.

For administrators of large implementations who want to be able to quickly scale their Spotfire system as necessary, an automated method of installing and configuring services and service instances is available. For details, see Automatically installing services and instances.

For more information, see Nodes and services introduction.