Scheduled updates with prompted or personalized information links

Scheduled updates are intended mainly for use with analyses that were set up using ordinary information links to load data. If you set up scheduled updates for an analysis that is based on data from a prompted or personalized information link, there are special issues to consider.

When a user opens an analysis that is based on a prompted information link, the user selects a certain view of the data to be loaded. In the same way, when a user opens an analysis that is based on a personalized information link, the data loaded is determined by the permissions of the user who logs in.

However, when a scheduled update of this file occurs, the update causes the analysis to reload based on the prompted values that were specified when the file was originally saved, and the permissions of the user that the administrator set up to programmatically run the scheduled update. This means that users with an analysis already open will see a different selection of data the next time that they update the analysis because the scheduled update has in fact updated the underlying data on the server.

You should be especially careful when setting up scheduled updates for analyses with personalized information links. If the user you specify for the scheduled updates has access to more data than the intended end users of the analyses, these end users may see more data than they have access to; they will see all the data that is available to the user specified for scheduled updates.