LiveView Samples Guide

Most LiveView sample documentation takes the form of plain text README files.


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Sample Folder Name Description
ActiveSpaces and LiveView LiveView connecting to a TIBCO ActiveSpaces Metaspace.
Alert Rules Shows advanced alerting features with preconfigured alert rules.
Authentication Shows how to use LiveView authentication.
Author-time Aggregation Shows ways to use the author-time aggregation feature.
Data Transform Shows how to configure a StreamBase module for transforming data in a LiveView table.
DotNET Client Shows ways to use the LiveView .NET Client API. Support for the .NET API is only delivered on Windows platforms.
Field Rules Using field rules to preprocess tuples prior to publishing.
HA Tables Fault-tolerant front end configuration.
Hello LiveView Shows a simple Hello World application with a self-running input stream.
Java Client Using the LiveView Java Client API.
JavaScript API Creating web applications with the LiveView JavaScript API.
JDBC Table Using LiveView with a JDBC table.
LiveView Adapters Shows the use of the TIBCO StreamBase adapters that interact with LiveView applications using the LiveView Client API.
LiveView REST API Shows how to use the LiveView REST API with Python.
Minimum Configuration Shows the minimum configuration required to start the LiveView server.
Preprocessor Configuring a StreamBase module as a preprocessor for LiveView tables.
Publisher Shows an embedded publisher application.
Query Table Using LiveView with a StreamBase Query Table table back end.
Recovery, EMS Fault-tolerant recovery using the TIBCO EMS bus.
Recovery, FTL Fault-tolerant recovery using the TIBCO FTL bus.
Recovery, Kafka Fault-tolerant recovery using the Apache Kafka bus.
Recovery, MQTT Fault-tolerant recovery using the MQTT bus.
Services Only Shows a LiveView server without a data layer back end, that nevertheless connects to other LiveView server back ends.
TIBCO LiveView Web Sample Shows an enhanced Hello LiveView sample configured with LiveView Web to display data in a browser.
TIBCO LiveView Web Theme Plugin Sample Shows the use of JavaScript to customize LiveView Web themes.