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TIBCO Cloud™ Integration V3.3.3.0 April 21, 2022 Release

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TIBCO Cloud Integration now has an updated dialog for Creating and Importing Apps! This new dialog is designed to provide users with recommendations for which Integration App types are available based on the desired use-case and subscription. The dialog also includes the following new features:

  • A list of each supported App type by use-case
  • A recommendation of the optimal App type choice by use-case
  • Importing an App (or template) from the Marketplace
  • Creating a new application by importing an exported App, Node.JS app, OpenAPI Specification, or importing a GraphQL Schema
  • Ability to remember and present your commonly used App types

For example, if you want to build an API, you are provided a list of App types that support this use-case. The recommended App type is to import an existing API Specification from your organization, and generate an App.

We have updated connectivity for the following connectors and plug-ins:

Develop/TIBCO Flogo® Connectors

  • Apache Kafka 

Integrate/TIBCO BusinessWorks™ Plugins

  • Files for Unix and Windows
  • Salesforce.com
  • Twitter

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration is the integration platform as a service (iPaaS) for users of all skill sets — business users, integration specialists, or developers who need maximum speed and flexibility. Accessible as a secure, multi-tenant, and cloud-based service, TIBCO Cloud Integration allows you to rapidly connect your critical cloud and on-premises business applications and data sources.

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Getting Started

This guide explains how to get started with TIBCO Cloud™ Integration.

Using TIBCO Cloud™ Integration

This guide explains
how to access, use and manage items in the Marketplace


Tutorials detailing how to use
BusinessWorks apps with TIBCO® Cloud Integration

App Development

This section describes how to create and manage Flogo apps.

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration - Develop (Powered by TIBCO Flogo®)

Technical documentation for Flogo connectors.

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration - Integrate (Powered by TIBCO BusinessWorks™)

Technical documentation for TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ Plug-ins.

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration - Connect (Powered by TIBCO Scribe®)

Technical documentation for TIBCO Scribe® Online Connectors.

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration API

Resources to help you get started with TIBCO Cloud™ Integration API.


The iPaaS with extreme ease of use – no coding required!

The Connect capability of the TIBCO Cloud™ Integration iPaaS (integration platform as a service), powered by TIBCO Scribe® software gives you the tools to quickly and easily connect any application or data source on-premise or on the cloud using an intuitive and uniform graphical interface. Now everyone—business analysts to SaaS admins, and project managers to marketing managers—can connect any application and move data in minutes. Its user interface and pre-built connectors let you see value faster by accelerating not just the initial design, but the ongoing maintenance of your connectivity.


Modernize your architecture with responsive cloud-native apps

Build a more responsive and flexible application architecture that boosts business agility with the Develop capability of TIBCO Cloud™ Integration, based on the open source Project Flogo® framework. The Develop capability is event-driven at the core, enabling developers to quickly and easily embed event-driven integration flows into applications using a web-based visual flow designer.


Implement enterprise patterns for hybrid integrations

Integrate highly reliable, scalable, and secure services and applications that are critical to your business. With TIBCO BusinessWorks™ software, your integration specialists can implement application strategies using both traditional enterprise integration patterns and modern cloud-based API-led approaches built with microservices and containers. A zero-code model-driven environment based on Eclipse simplifies development complexity, helping reduce your costs and speed your time to market. 

TIBCO BusinessWorks™ software is available within the Integrate capability of the TIBCO Cloud™ Integration iPaaS (integration-platform-as-a-service). Move your TIBCO Businessworks applications to the TIBCO Cloud Integration iPaaS to accelerate your move to the cloud and empower a broader array of users to connect digital assets through tailored integration experiences.


Build smart apps in minutes.

TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps allows citizen developers to build fully functional business applications in just minutes. The intuitive web-brower environment allows users to create enterprise-grade applications without coding. In addition, a unique approach to managing application data and underlying business logic makes it possible for business users to solve real business problems quickly and all on their own.

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration API

The TIBCO Cloud Integration API gives you the ability to automate and embed functionality into your own application, monitoring tools, customer service applications, or automated CI/CD processes. TIBCO Cloud Integration API objects, functionality, and workflow are similar to that of the TIBCO Cloud Integration User Interface and the TIBCO Cloud Integration Command Line Interface.

When working with TIBCO Cloud Integration, you may find the following videos useful:

TIBCO Cloud Integration iPaaS explainer video

Apache Maven Deployments

Introduction to Develop for New Trial Users

TIBCO Cloud Integration Marketplace Demo

Introduction to TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration accelerates the integration process by empowering more people in your business to connect your information assets together no matter where they are hosted. Using an API-led approach that simplifies integration, and hundreds of connectors to popular endpoints and technologies, our enterprise iPaaS makes connecting everything in your business easier and faster.

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration includes multiple integration capabilities - including Connect / TIBCO Scribe, Integrate / TIBCO BusinessWorks™, and Develop / TIBCO Flogo - that are designed for multiple skill sets and allow for a diverse set of integration patterns to be implemented.

You can find technical documentation for all TIBCO Cloud™ Integration connectors at the following URLs:

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