TIBCO Flogo® Enterprise

TIBCO Flogo® Enterprise is a commercial, supported enterprise offering based on Project Flogo™ for leveraging the capabilities to build ultralight microservices for all kinds of application development scenarios whether on-premises, in private/public cloud (including services such as AWS Lambda), or on IoT devices. To understand all the capabilities, see Build Event-driven Apps with an Ultralight Framework.

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What's new in version 2.14.1 (November 2021)

To remove the effort of installing and updating TIBCO Flogo® Enterprise, the functionality of TIBCO Flogo® Enterprise web UI is now delivered as a part of the hosted TIBCO Cloud Integration environment. The option to set up TIBCO Flogo® Enterprise web UI locally is removed. This does not affect app deployment options supported with TIBCO Flogo® Enterprise. Also, as the TIBCO Flogo® Enterprise web UI is removed, the latest Flogo features can now be accessed from TIBCO Cloud™ Integration.

For more information on creating and using Flogo apps using TIBCO Cloud™ Integration, see TIBCO Cloud Integration documentation.

To migrate an existing app (created using release 2.14.0 or a prior release) from Flogo Enterprise to TIBCO Cloud™ Integration, see TIBCO Flogo® Enterprise Transition Guide.

For complete release details, see TIBCO Flogo® Enterprise 2.14.1 Release Notes.

Related Offerings

Flogo Enterprise also powers the Develop capability of TIBCO Cloud Integration and on AWS Marketplace as a Pay As You Go offering, giving the flexibility to deploy apps anywhere TIBCO Cloud, containers, Serverless or IoT Edge.

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration - Develop

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TIBCO Cloud™ Integration - Flogo® (PAYG)

See more information Read the documentation

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TIBCO Flogo® Enterprise
TIBCO Cloud™ Integration - Flogo® (PAYG)
2.14.0 2.9.0
2.13.0 2.8.0
2.12.0 2.7.0
2.11.0 2.6.1
2.10.0 2.4.0

When working with TIBCO Flogo® Enterprise, you may find the following videos useful:

What’s new in Flogo Enterprise 2.14?

Create your first REST API

Deploy to AWS Lambda


Build App Binary

Adding Flogo Extensions via Github URL

Application metrics

Turning your Flogo app into a 
GraphQL Server implementation

App configuration with environment variables

CI/CD + Devops demo

When creating apps in TIBCO Flogo® Enterprise or in TIBCO Cloud™ Integration, you can import and customize any of the predefined samples provided in the tci-flogo GitHub repository. These samples demonstrate how to develop, test, and deploy a Flogo app using various out-of-the-box capabilities. In the GitHub repository, the samples are organized by category and each sample folder contains a readme. Follow the instructions in the readme to import the sample to your local workspace and use it. The following samples are currently available:

Flow Design Concepts

Includes Hello-World, Branching, Error Handling, Loops, Subflows, and Shared Data samples

API Development

Includes REST, graphQL,
and gRPC samples

Array Mapping and Filtering

Includes array.forEach, json.path,
and JavaScript Activity samples


Includes Flogo connector samples for CRM, DB Connectors,
Messaging, and more


Includes sample for deploying a Flogo app
as an Azure function

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