Spotfire.Dxp.Data.Computations.Clustering Namespace

TIBCO Spotfire 10.0 API Reference
The Spotfire.Dxp.Data.Computations.Clustering namespace contains classes used for performing data clustering operations.

Public classHierarchicalClustering
Represents the Hierarchical clustering API.
Public classHierarchicalClusteringOptions
Holds options for the clustering algorithm.
Public classHierarchicalClusteringOutput
Holds the result status of the clustering calculation and the row and column clustering results if these were computed.
Public classHierarchicalClusteringResult
ClusteringResult holds information how leaves and clusters are joined and on what height they are joined. The class also contains an index order how to sort the leaves to draw a dendrogram without crosssing. (The clustering information is in a format similar to the clustering result from hclust function in S-PLUS.)
Public classHierarchicalClusteringSettings
Holds the settings for a Hierarchical Clustering.

Public enumerationHierarchicalClusteringMethod
Represents hierachical clustering methods.
Public enumerationHierarchicalClusteringOrderingWeight
Represents weight functions used for computing a sorting so the dendrogram tree can be drawn without crossings.
Public enumerationHierarchicalClusteringSimilarityDistanceMeasure
Represents a Similarity or a Distance Measure that can be used in Hierarchical Clustering.
Public enumerationHierarchicalClusteringStatus
Represents status of a hierarchical clustering run that returns a value.