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Customization Class

Customize the appearance of the Web Player.
All have default value true, except panels that have null.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  spotfire.webPlayer
Assembly:  ~/GetJavaScriptApi.ashx?Version=11.8
spotfire.webPlayer.Customization = function();


The Customization type exposes the following members.

Public methodCustomization
Initializes a new instance of class Customization.
Public propertyshowAbout
Shows/hides the about menu item.
Public propertyshowAnalysisInformationTool
Shows/hides the analysis information tool menu item.
Public propertyshowAuthor
Shows/hides the button for enabling authoring.
Public propertyshowClose
Shows/hides the analysis close menu item.
Public propertyshowCustomizableHeader
Shows/hides the customizable header (including the logo).
Public propertyshowDodPanel
Shows/hides the details on demand panel in the visualization. If null (default value), panel is shown as saved in the analysis.
Public propertyshowExportFile
Shows/hides the export file menu item.
Public propertyshowExportVisualization Obsolete.
Obsolete since 10.4. Shows/hides the export visualization menu item.
Public propertyshowFilterPanel
Shows/hides the filter panel. If null (default value), panel is shown as saved in the analysis.
Public propertyshowHelp
Shows/hides the help menu item.
Public propertyshowLogin
Shows/hides the login button.
Public propertyshowLogout
Shows/hides the logout menu item.
Public propertyshowMenu
Shows/hides the toolbar menus.
Public propertyshowPageNavigation
Shows/hides the page navigation controls in the analysis.
Public propertyshowReloadAnalysis Obsolete.
Obsolete since 10.4. Shows/hides the Reload analysis button in the toolbar (for Scheduled Updates).
Public propertyshowStatusBar
Shows/hides status bar in the Web Player.
Public propertyshowToolBar
Shows/hides the analysis toolbar and menu.
Public propertyshowUndoRedo
Shows/hides the undo/redo menu item.
Version Information

Supported in: 11.8, 11.7, 11.6, 11.5, 11.4, 11.3, 11.2, 11.1, 11.0, 10.10, 7.11
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