TIBCO Spotfire® Server and Environment - Installation and Administration


Imports a service configuration.

[-b value | --bootstrap-config=value] 
[-t value | --tool-password=value] 
[-n value | --config-name=value] 
[-d | --delete-directory] 
[source directory]


Use this command to import a service configuration. The imported configuration can be assigned to a service using the set-service-config command.


Option Optional or Required Default Value Description
-b value
Optional none The path to the bootstrap configuration file. See Bootstrap.xml file for more information about this file.
-t value
Optional none The configuration tool password used to decrypt the database password in the bootstrap.xml file. If the tool password is omitted, the command will prompt the end-user for it on the console. See the Bootstrap.xml file for more information.
-n value
Optional none The name to give to the configuration. If no name is given, the existing configuration will be overwritten. Note that default configurations cannot be overwritten, so if the configuration to be imported was created from a default configuration, a name must be specified.
Optional none Indicates whether or not the source directory should be deleted after a successful import.
[source directory]
Optional config The source directory containing the configuration that should be imported.
Optional false If you want to apply the imported service config without explicitly running the 'set-service-config' command. Note that all running instances (if any) of the service will be restarted.