TIBCO BusinessConnect™

Automate Your B2B Connectivity to Streamline Your Value Chain.

TIBCO BusinessConnect™ 7.3.0

TIBCO BusinessConnect is an integration solution that automates and integrates your business processes. It allows you to electronically interact and collaborate with your customers, vendors, and trading partners by enabling secure exchange of information and automation of transactions across public and private networks.

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TIBCO BusinessConnect™ Container Edition 1.1.0

TIBCO BusinessConnect™ Container Edition is a lightweight, sophisticated tool your company can use for business-to-business electronic commerce transactions that are deployed uniformly and consistently across container-based PaaS platforms. It enables the secure transmission of documents and messages between partners using disparate internal business systems. 

You can containerize a TIBCO BusinessConnect application by using Docker. You can also run the Docker-based TIBCO BusinessConnect application in a Kubernetes cluster on the cloud platform of your choice.

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TIBCO BusinessConnect™

TIBCO BusinessConnect™ Container Edition
7.3.0 1.1.0
7.2.1 1.0.0


The capabilities and benefits of TIBCO BusinessConnect are:

Capabilities Benefits
040617_multiple protocols.png Multiple Protocols

Extensive support for multiple business protocols, transport protocols, processes, and payloads that help you meet industry standards.

Eliminate manual tasks and interactions while complying with industry standards.
040617_full secured.png Fully Secured

Secure exchange of information and automated transactions with 128-bit SSL encryption, S/MIME, and other measures to safeguard your privacy. 
Partner Management

Ease system migration and partner management using REST APIs and web-based tools.
040617_simplified partner enrollment & management.png Simplified Partner Management

With REST API based trading partner management, self-management web portal for partners, and simple partner enrollment and administration, you can manage your complex trading network with ease.

Achieve tighter collaboration between trading partners to lower inventory across the supply chain.
022417_productize APIs.png Extensible Privately and Externally

Native integration to any backend via TIBCO ActiveMatrix Businessworks, and to an external application using TIBCO Cloud Integration.
Better Visibility

Increase visibility into information and processes across the extended value chain.
040617_seamless data integration.png Seamless Data Integration

Data integration based on B2B intelligence helps you automatically route inbound information from your trading partners. You can synchronize the B2B data with your mobile device or web application using TIBCO Cloud Integration.
Simplicity and Security

Simplify cross-company business processes while your data stays secure in transit as well as in storage.
020117_accelerators.png High Performance

Based on a modular approach, and battle-tested for up to a million transactions, TIBCO BusinessConnect is scalable to handle a high transaction throughput. It is also deployable in high-availability and load-balanced configurations.

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