TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for R

In the TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R documentation, you can find technical guidance on creating and distributing packages, programming with Java and the terrJava package, using the RStudio IDE with TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R, and implementing solutions with other tools such as SparkR and KNIME. You can also find language reference for the functions and methods implemented in TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R, as well as compatibility information for open-source R.

Release Notes (PDF)
Language Reference (HTML)
Differences Between TERR and Open-Source R (HTML)
TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R Technical Documentation (WebHelp)

For PDF-format files of the third-party solutions, download the following documents.

Configure KNIME to use TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R
Configure SparkR to use TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R
Configure RStudio to use TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R

TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R strives for compatibility with the most popular CRAN packages. We test each release of TIBCO Enterprise Runtime of R against all packages available at the time of its release.

See the comparison Excel spreadsheets  for Linux , for Windows , and for  Mac for a list of our results.

CO® Enterprise Runtime for R is a high-performance, enterprise-quality statistical engine to provide predictive analytic capabilities. TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R is available for integration into other applications through various APIs. Developing in R, and then deploying on TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R, lets you rapidly move from prototyping to production, without recoding and retesting your analyses.

The TERR engine is included in  TIBCO Spotfire® Analyst., and users of TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire® can use the embedded TERR engine to view analyses that take advantage of TERR. The TERR engine is included in TIBCO Spotfire® Statistics Services.

The following tables provide information about which versions of TERR are in available versions of Spotfire, and which versions of TERR are in available versions of Spotfire Statistics Services.

TERR-in-Spotfire-Oct-2018.png  supported-version-table.png

TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R Community


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Learn about TERR data functions and using TERR with the Spotfire expression language in the following demonstration videos on the Screencast.com® website (login required).

Data function development in Spotfire

Calling TERR scripts from the Expression Language

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