TIBCO FTL® software is a robust, high performance messaging middleware platform for real-time, high-throughput data distribution to virtually any device.

Optimized to leverage the latest advancements in hardware and networking, TIBCO FTL messaging middleware can handle higher message throughput with lower latency – and a greater number of concurrent connections – than other messaging products.

TIBCO FTL software delivers all this with a peer-to-peer architecture and application API libraries that run on commodity, general purpose systems without the need for specialized hardware devices.

TIBCO FTL is available in a community edition and an enterprise edition.

TIBCO FTL - Community Edition is ideal for getting started with FTL, for implementing application projects (including proof of concept efforts), for testing, and for deploying applications in a production environment. Although the community license limits the number of production processes, you can easily upgrade to the enterprise edition as your use of TIBCO FTL expands.

The community edition is available free of charge. It is a full installation of the TIBCO FTL product, with the following limitations and exclusions:

● Users may run up to 100 client processes in a production environment, per corporate entity.

● Users do not have access to TIBCO Support, but you can use TIBCO Community as a resource.

● Excludes transport bridges.

● Excludes the RDMA transport protocol.

● Excludes disaster recovery features.

● Excludes customizable dashboards and monitoring adapter.

TIBCO FTL - Enterprise Edition is ideal for all application development projects, and for deploying and managing applications in an enterprise production environment. It includes all features presented in this documentation set, as well as access to TIBCO Support. Choose the enterprise edition for production deployments with more than 100 clients, for distributed deployments using transport bridges, for scenarios that require disaster recovery, and for enterprise monitoring using customizable status dashboards.

TIBCO Community

TIBCO Community for TIBCO FTL is a subgroup within the larger TIBCO Community.

TIBCO FTL Message Switch software deploys high-performance, peer-to-peer messaging applications directly on a highly-optimized server-switch from Pluribus Networks, significantly improving performance, reliability, and manageability in a convenient, easily deployed hardware solution.

TIBCO eFTL software extends the power and flexibility of TIBCO FTL and TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™ software by providing full-duplex, bidirectional communications to web and mobile devices leveraging HTML5 and WebSockets.

TIBCO Rendezvous® software now includes an adapter so Rendezvous messaging clients can communicate with TIBCO FTL messaging clients.

TIBCO FTL® Message Switch