TIBCO® Fulfillment Orchestration Suite

 TIBCO® Fulfillment Catalog 4.0.0 Documentation 

Highlights of the Release (Changes in Functionality)

For the complete list of changes and additional information, see TIBCO Fulfillment Catalog 4.0.0 Release Notes.

 TIBCO® Fulfillment Order Management 4.0.0 Documentation 

Highlights of the Release

For the complete list of new features and more information on these highlights, see TIBCO Fulfillment Order Management 4.0.0 Release Notes.

 TIBCO® Fulfillment Subscriber Inventory 1.0.0 Documentation 

Highlights of the Release

For the complete list of new features and more information on these highlights, see TIBCO Fulfillment Subscriber Inventory 1.0.0 Release Notes.

 TIBCO® Fulfillment Provisioning 3.8.1 Documentation 

Highlights of the Release (Changes in Functionality)

  • Profile Mechanism
  • Unlock Administrative Catalog Command via UI
  • Wild Card for XMLFilePath
  • Performance Monitoring
  • User Roles
  • Config files Support Encrypted Passwords
  • MSF Error Message
  • Flag to Indicate Status of the Last Logout WO

For the complete list of updates and more information on these highlights, see TIBCO Fulfillment Provisioning 3.8.1 Release Notes.

TIBCO Fulfillment Orchestration Suite (TIBCO FOS) provides a comprehensive suite of products that accelerates the concept-to-cash cycle for multi-play Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and Media / Entertainment distribution companies by automating the end-to-end process, from offer definition and design to the efficient, accurate fulfillment of associated orders.

TIBCO Fulfillment Orchestration Suite enables CSPs and Media companies to define new product and service offerings along with associated fulfillment rules and processes, while automating the delivery from order capture to network service activation. TIBCO FOS consists of pre-integrated and modular products that are compliant with TMF eTOM:

  • Fulfillment Catalog - an enterprise master catalog that defines and manages the lifecycles of technical / service products and commercial offers.
  • Fulfillment Order Management - an end-to-end order product and service order management system that automates the orchestration of delivery processes for customer orders using intelligent real-time order capture and fulfillment rules.
  • Fulfillment Provisioning - a provisioning system that automates the orchestration of activation tasks with underlying network services.
  • Fulfillment Subscriber Inventory - a master repository to manage subscriber identities and entitlements, and integrates into the rest of the suite to provide subscriber data.

Shorter Time to Market

  • Give business users the freedom to design customer-driven commercial bundles and offers in very short timeframes.
  • Shield business users from technical complexity and enable them to reuse existing product and service components
  • Do It Right the First Time by configuring accurately and quickly the rules and tasks that govern how a complex product must be sold and fulfilled

Flawless Customer Experience

  • Seamlessly handle multiple customer service channels for order capture and in-flight changes
  • Guarantee provisioning service performance across technology and service platforms

Revenue Optimization

  • Eliminate revenue leakage caused by network and inventory discrepancy
  • Use Subscriber Inventory data to understand what new products are needed by customers
  • Capture new B2B revenue by securely sharing access to products, services, and inventory assets for use by third parties

TM Forum Certified

  • Uses SID as a reference data model, and its business processes conform to TM Forum’s rigorous Frameworx assessment / certification

TM Forum API Requirements

  • Natively supports product, order, and subscriber inventory APIs, making it easy to comply with TMF API requirements.

Convergent Fulfillment Suite

  • Provides a convergent solution set with support for long-running manual orders and short-lived automated orders that handles the fulfillment of any customer types, including residential, corporate, postpaid and prepaid; any network access technologies, including wireless/LTE and wire-line broadband; and any service types, including high-speed internet, voice, TV, content, and M2M and mobile payment services

Enterprise Product Catalog

  • Provides a unified repository of a CSP’s commercial, product, and service catalogs
  • Powered by TIBCO Master Data Management (TIBCO MDM), it provides complete control on product offering design, validation rules, and fulfillment policies from commercial product bundles down to resource-facing services
  • Aligned to TMF SID, catalog concepts are managed through user-friendly commercial and technical views
  • IT and OSS departments can build up customer services from network resources and service platform capabilities, which are then used by marketing and business departments to design commercial products and bundles

Product and Service Order Management

  • Accurately and efficiently automates the end-to-end lifecycle of customer orders received from order entry or CPQ application
  • Includes order establishment, capture, validation, decomposition, optimization, and orchestration
  • Interacts with TIBCO Fulfillment Catalog to decompose product orders into logic of service orders which can be transparently provisioned by TIBCO Fulfillment Provisioning

Subscriber Inventory

  • Provides a master repository to manage products and service entitlements activated for subscribers, and is integrated into the rest of the suite to provide subscriber data

High Performance Provisioning

  • Automates the end-to-end lifecycle of service orders received from TIBCO Order Management or other customer applications

Fulfillment Catalog - Offer and Price Designer Videos

Creating a User for Offer and Price Designer

Adding Products to an Offer

Fulfillment Subscriber Inventory Videos

Performing Bulk Load

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