Open TIBCO Hawk® 6.2.0 Documentation

TIBCO Hawk® 6.2.0 Release Highlights

Installer Improvements:

The Hawk installer can now be used to configure multiple components such as Hawk Cluster Manager, Hawk Console, Hawk Event Service, and Hawk Agent. You can also configure the components for different transports such as TCP, EMS, and RV.

Configuring Log Sources and Forwarders using Hawk Console UI:

  • Configuring collectors and forwarders at the domain level from Hawk Console UI and deploying this configuration to multiple agents in the domain.
  • Collecting logs from different sources and forwarding the logs to LogLogic LMI or Syslog servers.  
  • Collecting metrics data from Hawk Rulebase, and Microagents. 

Support for an External Database in the Hawk Console:

Hawk Console now supports external databases: MySQL, Apache Ignite and H2 database (both in-memory and external mode). All alerts received by the Hawk Console are stored in the external database that you configure. Previous alerts are retained even after you restart the Hawk Console.

Support for LDAP-Based User Authentication:

Hawk Console now supports LDAP-based user authentication.

Rulebase Repository:

The new rulebase repository in TIBCO Hawk stores all the rulebases and schedules in the Hawk Console and maintains the mapping of rulebases to be deployed to agents. The rulebases can also be mapped to a group of agents. You can now manage the rulebase repository from Hawk Console.

Java 11 Support for TIBCO Hawk:

Starting from TIBCO Hawk 6.2.0, Java 11 is supported for all Hawk components.

For complete TIBCO Hawk® 6.2.0 release details, see TIBCO Hawk® 6.2.0 Release Notes.

Container Editions for TIBCO Hawk®:

Open TIBCO Hawk® Container Edition Documentation

Open TIBCO Hawk® Microagent for TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition Documentation

Open TIBCO Hawk® Microagent for TIBCO FTL®/TIBCO eFTL™ Documentation

TIBCO Hawk® is a sophisticated tool for monitoring and managing distributed applications and systems throughout the enterprise. With Hawk®, system administrators can monitor application parameters, behavior, and loading activities for all nodes in a local or wide-area network and take action when predefined conditions occur. In many cases, runtime failures or slowdowns can be repaired automatically within seconds of their discovery, reducing unscheduled outages and slowdowns of critical business systems.


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