TIBCO® MDM 9.1.0 Documentation 

Highlights of this Release

    • Vertical left menu bar
    • New icons on the upper-right corner of the TIBCO MDM UI
      • Search
      • Help
      • Home
      • User Profile
    • Menu icon on the upper-left corner of the TIBCO MDM UI
    • Home page dashboard
    • Configurable Dashboard for graphical display of vital information
  • Golden Record Cache: Publish your golden records into an in-memory database for fast access and query
  • Automated Address Cleansing (using TIBCO Geo Analytics and Google Maps) 
  • Attribute Data Quality: Track and display the quality of key attributes
  • Additional Caching Provider (using Apache Ignite)


  • Quick Approval of Work Items and Sorting of Custom Work Items Attributes
  • Perspective Enhancements
  • REST Enhancements
    • New REST services: Compare Record, Text Search, and Golden Record Cache REST Services
    • Updates to the existing REST Services
  • Purge Enhancements for increased scalability
  • File Attributes Drag and Drop
  • Mandatory Attribute Indicator
  • Import Enhancements (Mass Delete Mode)
  • Change in super user password
  • Password Policy and Management
  • Multiple Selection of Users and Roles

For the complete list of new features and more information on these highlights, see TIBCO® MDM 9.1.0 Release Notes.

For a list of changes in the documentation of TIBCO® MDM 9.1.0, see What's New In this Release.

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Your business has access to an increasing volume of data, fast becoming your most important asset. Your data must be a trusted source—clean, reliable, complete, and up-to-date. When it is, you can use it to confidently determine context and appropriately respond to affect positive business outcomes:

Customer Loyalty

Optimized Processes

Revenue Growth 

Introducing TIBCO® MDM 9.1.0

  • Any data: Ingest data from any source from social, streaming, IoT connected devices into the TIBCO master data hub with the new extended list of connectors
  • Intelligent Data Quality: Automate and simplify data matching and de-duplication with a built-in machine learning engine for 10 times faster processing
  • Real-time: Export or access master data at least 50% faster and update it from any end-user business application 1.3 times faster
  • Anywhere access to master data: A combination of TIBCO MDM API’s and a low code, rapid development environment enables anyone to participate in MDM process through any business application, web portal or mobile application


Check out the comments from TIBCO® MDM Featured Customers

"What distinguished TIBCO® MDM from other MDM vendors was very flexible data modeling. We have a very specific data domain, and we need to be able to accurately model this information. Also, in our test, we saw that TIBCO was really among the best in terms of scalability and performance."

- André Boisvert, chief architect, Yellow Pages Group

"Our main two objectives were accuracy and speed, and TIBCO® MDM is allowing us greater governance over authoring and updating of information. Data then becomes more reliable, so we don't have to spend time double- and triple-checking for reporting. We're putting information in our data warehouse that users can rely on. And we're providing a quick return, which is what they want."

- Daniel Newbern, senior director for enterprise projects, SunGard

"With TIBCO's event-enabled platform at the center of everything we do, UTi has gained the ability to differentiate itself and gain competitive advantage."

- Neil Palludan, global director for architecture and development,UTi Worldwide

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TIBCO® MDM for Retail

TIBCO MDM for Retail is a TIBCO Suite product. TIBCO MDM for Retail provides a suite of software for retailers to consolidate their product and customer master data into a centralized hub. The suite extends TIBCO MDM software providing retail specific business processes, workflows, rules and models to ensure the highest quality customer and product data and make that data available in real-time to business transactions and events.

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