Spotfire.Dxp.Data.Import Namespace

TIBCO Spotfire 10.0 API Reference
The Spotfire.Dxp.Data.Import namespace contains classes for importing data and base classes for extending DXP with new data import capabilities.

Public classDatabaseDataSource
Class for all ADO.Net data providers.
Public classDatabaseDataSourceSettings
Settings for the DatabaseDataSource class.
Public classDataSourceFactory
Base class for all factory classes that create DataSource instances.
Public classDataSourceFactoryT
Template DataSourceFactory.
Public classDataSourceTypeIdentifiers
Defines the type identifiers for built-in data sources.
Public classDataTableDataSource
This class exposes a DataTable as a DataSource. Using it, existing tables can be duplicated, transformed and accessed through add operations (for example adding rows and adding columns). Note that this data source can only be used when a document is present and there exists one or more tables to use as source.
Public classFileDataSource
Abstract base class for file data sources.
Public classFileDataSourceFactory
Base class for all factory classes that create FileDataSource instances.
Public classFileDataSourceFactoryT
Template FileDataSourceFactory.
Public classImportContext
This is a context object that is used by a DataTransformation during import. It is used to gain access to the services provided by the application. It can be accessed from the AnalysisApplication object.
Public classInformationLinkDataSource
Data source for information links.
Public classInformationLinkDescriptor
Container class for information around InformationLink. InformationModelElementDescriptor for information on common element properties.
Public classInformationLinkDescriptorCollection
Collection of InformationLinkDescriptors
Public classInformationLinkParameter
Defines a runtime parameter in an information link execution.
Public classInformationModelElementDescriptor
Container class for metadata around InformationModel elements.
Public classSbdfFileDataSource
Data Source for SBDF files and streams.
Public classSbdfLibraryDataSource
A SBDF data source that loads data from the library.
Public classStdfFileDataSource
Data Source for STDF files and streams.
Public classTextDataReaderSettings
Settings for the TextFileDataSource class.
Public classTextFileDataSource
Data Source for delimited text files. Used when loading and saving linked data. Provides handle to a TextDataReader for text data retrieval.

Public enumerationDataTableDataSourceUpdateBehavior
Represents the update behavior of a data table data source.
Public enumerationTextDataReaderSettingsColumnNameNullValueReplacementType
Defines how null values should be replaced.