What is Predictive Modeling?

TIBCO Spotfire provides you with the tools to incorporate predictive models into your analysis using either regression modeling or classification modeling.

The three tasks of predictive modeling include:

To fit the model, in the Regression Modeling or Classification Modeling dialog, select the model options and click OK. TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R for Spotfire creates the model and returns it to the analysis. Each model creates a number of new data tables that you can use for further analysis.

A model page is created (see The Model Page) and the model is added to the Analytic Models panel. You can include more than one model in your analysis, and then you can iterate and evaluate through all models with new data.

After you have completed your evaluation, optionally you can predict from the model. When you include a model in the analysis, you can use the model to insert predicted columns into your data table and share the result with others.

Note: Columns of the data type Currency are converted to Real, which can result in a lack of precision in the modeling.

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