What is the Analytic Models Panel?

The Analytic Models panel is used to manage all models within your analysis. Click on the corresponding icon to perform a task with the selected model.




Model Name

Displays the names of all models currently in the analysis.


Displays the prediction model method used for each model.

Data Table

Displays the data table used to create the model.


Displays the formula used for the prediction.


Displays the comment provided when creating the model.


Opens the Regression Modeling or the Classification Modeling dialog where you can make changes to your current model. Opens the Import Model dialog in case of an imported model,


Opens the Evaluate Model dialog where you can test the model against another set of data in order to see how well the model fits other data.


Opens the Insert Predicted Columns dialog where you can use the model to insert predicted columns into a data table.


Opens a standard File Save dialog allowing you to browse and specify name and location of the model file to save.


Deletes the selected model from the analysis.

Import Model From File

Opens a standard Open File dialog allowing you to import a previously created model file.

The analytic models panel also contains a pop-up menu where you can perform all the tasks explained above, and also select Open Model Page to reopen a closed model page, or select Refresh List to update the models shown in the panel when models have been added or deleted.

You can view and manage analytic models in a popover, in a docked panel, or as a floating window. See Panels and Popovers.

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