Short Number Format

If the values on an axis or a column are numerical, you can choose to display them in short number format. This means that values with many digits can be shortened to take up less space. For example, by using short number format you can set the number 1,000 to be displayed as 1k.

A standard symbol set is already defined and available to use. The defined symbols in the standard symbol set are M for 10^6, and k for 10^3. You cannot delete or change the standard symbol set. However, you can add your own symbol sets and define symbols of your choice.

As with other formatting settings, you can apply short number formatting in different ways and on different levels. For general information about formatting, see Formatting Overview.

  1. Open the Axis Formatting page in the Tools > Options dialog.

  2. Click on the Edit Symbol Sets... button.

  3. Click on the Add...  button in the upper part of the dialog.

  4. Type a name to use for the symbol set in the text field and click OK.

    Response: The new symbol set is added to the drop-down list.

  5. Click on the Add... button next to the Defined symbols list to add symbols to the symbol set.

  6. Enter an exponent and a symbol to replace it with.

    Response: The new Symbol is added to the list of Defined symbols.

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