TERR Tools - Details on Package Management

Use the TERR Tools Package Management dialog to browse the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN) for TERR-compatible packages, and to load or remove such packages. CRAN is the  most widely-used repository for R packages, and it is the default for installing packages using the function install.packages().




Installed Packages

Displays the packages that are currently installed on your computer. This list includes all those that are provided in the installation, as well as any that have been added.


Removes and deletes from your computer the package currently selected in the Installed Packages list.

Note  We caution very strongly against removing packages that are provided in the installation, because doing so can cause unexpected results and can cause the TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R engine to not function properly.

CRAN Package Repository

Lists the CRAN repository locations. When you select from the drop-down the location from where to install a package, click Load to display the packages.

Selecting a location close to you might improve package installation times.

Available Packages

Displays the packages available in the CRAN repository you selected. If you want a specific package, scroll the list to locate it. Alternatively, start typing the name in the text box to filter the list.

Use IE Proxy Settings

Sets the option to install a package through a proxy. If your company uses a proxy, we recommend selecting this option.


Installs the selected package and updates the Installed Packages list.


Note  To determine whether a package you are interested in is compatible with this version of TERR, from the Engine tab, click Launch TERR Console, and then in the console, run the following code:

packageCompat <- read.csv(

"https://bit.ly/1vWpJHz", stringsAsFactors=FALSE)

packageCompat[match("survival", packageCompat$Package),]

replacing the package "survival" with the name of the package you want to check.

This code reads from the list of packages whose examples in the help files and vignettes ran successfully in TERR.  While these results are not a guarantee of 100% package compatibility, they do provide a check before proceeding to install a package and running your own tests with your code.

For more information about the test results for CRAN packages, from https://docs.tibco.com/products/tibco-enterprise-runtime-for-r, expand the PDF list, and open Open-Source R Package Compatibility.

Note  Spotfire packages (SPKs) differ from TERR and R packages. The SPK is the means to deploy extensions to the Spotfire Server, which then distributes its contents to Spotfire Professional users.

For more information about sharing TERR and R packages in Spotfire analyses, see the TIBCO Spotfire Package Management Guide available at https://docs.tibco.com/products/tibco-spotfire-statistics-services.


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