TIBCO ActiveSpaces®

To lift the burden of big data, TIBCO ActiveSpaces® Enterprise Edition (EE) provides a distributed in-memory data grid that can increase processing speed so you can reduce reliance on costly transactional systems.

ActiveSpaces EE provides an infrastructure for building highly scalable, fault-tolerant applications. It creates large virtual data caches from the aggregate memory of participating nodes, scaling automatically as nodes join and leave. Combining the features and performance of databases, caching systems, and messaging software, it supports very large, highly volatile data sets and event-driven applications. And it frees developers to focus on business logic rather than on the complexities of distributing, scaling, and making applications autonomously fault-tolerant.

ActiveSpaces EE supplies configurable replication of virtual shared memory. This means that the space autonomously re-replicates and re-distributes lost data, resulting in an active-active fault-tolerant architecture without resource overhead



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