TIBCO BusinessEvents®

 TIBCO BusinessEvents® 5.5.0 Documentation 

Noteworthy Improvements


  • Kubernetes support
  • ActiveSpaces 3.x integration using catalog functions (standalone deployments)
  • MySQL support for the Shared All persistence; supports AWS Aurora and MariaDB
  • Docker improvements - reduced image size and support for additional Linux platforms (CentOS, Debian, OpenSuse, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Red Hat)
  • Enhancements to the Maven plugin - additional phases for hot deployment, docker generation, and so on
  • New FTL channel

Business User Interfaces:

  • New and improved TIBCO BusinessEvents WebStudio. The old UI is still supported but it will be deprecated in the subsequent releases.
  • Audit trails in TIBCO BusinessEvents® WebStudio
  • Ability to dynamically add new projects
  • Support for adding/editing and applying the deployment configuration on the fly

For complete TIBCO BusinessEvents® 5.5.0 release details, see TIBCO BusinessEvents 5.5.0 Release Notes.

For list of changes in the documentation for TIBCO BusinessEvents® 5.5.0, see What's New.

TIBCO BusinessEvents® helps you quickly build distributed, stateful, rule-based event processing systems to support instant decision-making and instant actions. With TIBCO BusinessEvents, you can correlate and find the important events in a deluge of data, minimize decision latency, and respond in the moment to bring a favorable business outcome. Consider augmenting your traditional business intelligence or big data strategy with real-time intelligence.


Getting Started Videos

Installing TIBCO BusinessEvents

Creating a New TIBCO BusinessEvents Project

Adding an Event, Channel, Destination, and Rule Components to a Project

Add a Concept Definition and Instantiate the Concept Using a Rule

Testing your Project Using the Debugger Tool

TIBCO BusinessEvents Enterprise Administration Agent Overview

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Check out what TIBCO BusinessEvents® customers say about acting on critical business moments with real-time intelligence.

CargoSmart Delivers Solutions for Improved Decision-making and Cost

"TIBCO’s agile technology allows CargoSmart to facilitate, or to co-design with customers, custom analyses and dashboards. It’s shortening time to market and also allowing us to deliver exactly what customers need to meet their business objectives."

— Ralph Ho, Senior Manager, Customer Integration, CargoSmart

University of Chicago Medicine Improves Patient Care with Data

"In real time, we are able to alert our rapid response team to go to the bedside of a patient who is likely to go into cardiac arrest. So far, we’ve successfully reduced the number of cardiac arrests in the hospital by an estimated 15 to 20%."

— Christine Watts, Chief Enterprise Architect, University of Chicago Medicine

digitalSTROM Takes Fast Data from the Cloud to the Home

"We’re providing realtime services all over the house and making it smart, really smart. We started in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany, and we’re now expanding through Europe and into megacities in Asia — to countries depending on their openness to smart homes. With our back-end systems, it’s no concern if we grow fast."

— Martin Vesper, CEO, digitalSTROM, Switzerland

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