Applying a Color Scheme to Another Visualization

When you have set up a color scheme for a visualization, you can apply it to another visualization, provided that the two visualizations are colored by a column in the same scale mode.

  1. Open the Visualization Properties dialog, and go to the Colors page.

  2. Click on the Color Schemes menu icon, color_color_schemes_menu_icon.png.

  3. Select Apply to Visualizations....

    Response: The Apply to Visualizations dialog is opened.

  4. From the Available visualizations list, select a visualization that you want to apply the current color scheme to, and click Add >.

    Comment: You can select and add an entire page if you want to apply the color scheme to all visualizations on that page.

    Response: The selected visualization or page is added to the Selected visualizations list (and removed from the Available visualizations list).

  5. Repeat step 4 until all the visualizations you want to apply the color scheme to have been added to the list.

  6. If the color scheme you are about to apply is categorical you need to select an Apply method. Click the Colors only radio button to apply only the colors in the color scheme to the visualization. Click Colors matched to values if you want to match the colors in the color scheme to the values in the visualization.

    Comment: See Details on Apply Method for an example of how the two options work.

  7. Click OK.

    Response: The current color scheme is applied to the selected visualizations.

Note: If you apply a color scheme to a table, cross table, or heat map, the coloring will not take effect immediately. The color scheme will be added as an empty color scheme grouping, and you must select which columns or axis values to include in the grouping by opening the Edit Color Scheme Grouping dialog.

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