Color Schemes Overview

The entire setup of colors for a visualization is referred to as its color scheme. Which colors and threshold values you choose, as well as the color mode you select, are all part of a visualization's color scheme. The current color scheme of a visualization can be viewed in the legend, and on the Colors page of the Visualization Properties. This is also where you edit a color scheme. In the example below two scatter plots are shown. Their respective color schemes are displayed in the legend.


The visualization on the left has a color scheme with only two colors, each representing a category, while the visualization on the right has a color scheme with a somewhat more complex configuration. While the left color scheme can be defined directly in the legend, the right visualization's configuration requires that you open the Visualization Properties dialog. The two color schemes above are in different scale modes. The one on the left is a categorical color scheme, which means that it is colored by a categorical column. In this case, the column Category contains string values. The color scheme on the right is continuous. It is colored by the continuous column Sales, which contains Integer values. Different scale modes also create different possibilities. When setting up a color scheme for a visualization, the color mode you choose is essential. Since the available settings differ between different color modes, each mode is described separately. See Color Modes Overview to learn more about how to set up color schemes in each of the color modes.

Once you have configured a color scheme, you can save and reuse it in a number of ways. For example, you can apply a color scheme to another visualization in the same analysis. You can also save a color scheme to disk for later use, or in the library to share it with other users. When you are about to set up a new color scheme, you can make use of one of the predefined color schemes as a starting point, and then modify it to your liking.

The following sections describe how you can use and reuse color schemes in a number of ways:

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