TIBCO® Reward

Real-Time Loyalty Management Platform
Discover, enhance, and reward customer loyalty

Leveraging best-in-class TIBCO products, TIBCO® Reward integrates all marketing point solutions and tackles the ever-increasing volume, variety, and velocity of customer data.

The result? Better marketing ROI, increased trust, advocacy, brand loyalty, and market share.

Fast Data platform: TIBCO solves big data problems using in-memory computation of vast volumes of fast-moving data, distilling the essential dynamic mix of factors and circumstances that determine real-time communications.

Unparalleled integration: TIBCO® Reward makes elegant systems out of distinct point solutions and your partner ecosystem, letting you reap benefits from all your past marketing investments.

Built to scale in real time: Built on TIBCO best-of-breed infrastructure products, TIBCO Reward is the only configurable SaaS loyalty management platform for faster time to market and unsurpassed scalability.

Industry-leading analytics: Using TIBCO Spotfire® data visualization and predictive modeling tools, marketers can make better decisions and take the most appropriate actions to achieve competitive advantage.

Deep customer loyalty management experience: Our long history and of working with some of the most adored brands across the globe puts you in good hands.

Marketers can finally gain a holistic view of the customer and communicate consistently across channels--without reliance on IT.

Customer loyalty management: Program configuration, segmentation, offers, and measurement.

Real-time event and transaction processing: High-performance loyalty marketing engine for real-time computation and management of vast volumes of fast-moving data.

Scalable SaaS enterprise platform: Integrated platform architecture enables open API ecosystem and combines innovative in-memory data grid, event-server technologies, market-leading analytics, and integration platform.

Omni-channel data integration: Out-of-the-box, real-time connectivity to databases, systems, business processes, cloud services, and consumer applications. Integration of real-time transactional, historical, and master data.

Mobile framework: Plug-ins for existing apps or creation of new apps to deliver personalized content in the moment and pull analytics in real time.

Social integration: All social channels brought together so you can deliver targeted communications seamlessly.

Advanced analytics: Best-of-breed analytics, predictive models, and visualization tools.

Marketer-centric tools: Intuitive UI that expedites discovery and loyalty program execution.

Professional services: Program design, strategy, and implementation.

Increased profit and wallet share: Easily leverage all customer data (transactional historical/preference, social, mobile, geolocation, etc.). 

Higher customer response rates: Extend relevant offers right away.

Increased customer loyalty and lifetime value: Influence the right customer behavior in interesting ways.

Improved marketing ROI: Feed program improvement with immediate analytics and scale as needed because data volumes do not impact performance.

Better productivity for the marketing team: Turn down your reliance on IT.


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Orchard Supply Hardware

Club Orchard was developed using the TIBCO Reward platform to help the company understand their customers, maximize revenue, and improve customer experience.

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