TIBCO HL7 and HIPAA Solutions


The following TIBCO products work together to provide a solution to a company's internal and external HL7 and HIPAA healthcare messaging needs:
  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ Plug-in for HL7 - the implementation of the HL7 standard with TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™. It provides a framework for quick integration of a healthcare provider's HL7 systems and offers HL7 message customizations together with business process design and management.

    TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ for HL7, can receive inbound and outbound HL7 messages and convert data back and forth between HL7 and XML. The Interface Engine can then make business decisions by looking at the data in the messages. The Interface Engine also provides centralized message routing.

  • BusinessConnect™ EDI Protocol HIPAA Edition powered by Instream® - the TIBCO implementation of the EDI standard, and offers specialized functionality for customers who require HIPAA compliance.

    BusinessConnect™ EDI Protocol HIPAA Edition powered by Instream® enables the exchange of HIPAA messages and embedded HL7 messages between enterprises like hospitals and insurance companies.

    The following shows an overview of how HIPAA and HL7 transactions are exchanged in the context of the products described above.

  • TIBCO Foresight Products

    TIBCO Foresight® Translator and TIBCO Foresight® Instream® act as the HL7 parser engine. TIBCO Foresight® Translator is a specialized, high-speed transformation engine that enables the mass conversion of transaction files based on pre-built or custom maps, providing direct translation to and from HL7, XML, and Flat File formats with no interim staging required.

    TIBCO Foresight® Instream® ensures the compliance of inbound and outbound data using the fastest and most thorough transaction validation engine.

    TIBCO Foresight® EDISIM® is a design-time tool that allows you to create and edit HL7 message definitions based on your needs, validate HL7 messages based on the message definition and create STD, MAP, XML, and XSD files


This figure shows an example of how the key components, such as an interface engine implemented with TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ Plug-in for HL7 on top of TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™, fits into a hospital's messaging architecture. It illustrates how an event like a patient admission would trigger message flow to the relevant systems and components.