Solutions View

A Solution is a collection of assets that provides a business functionality. Using this view, you can bring together assets (applications, processes, resources, endpoints) from across products to provide a unified solution.

A solution has a name, status, and contact information as its attributes. You can assign an asset to and unassign an asset from a solution. You can also define custom action by providing scripts for a solution. Using the TIBCO Enterprise Administrator server, you can:
  • Create and manage multiple collections.
  • Create access controlled lists on solutions.
  • Operate within the context of a Solution to CRUD assets across TIBCO Products.
  • Add existing assets to a solution
  • Delete existing assets from a solution.
Note: Solutions are displayed on the Solutions menu, only if the agents contribute them. Ensure that the contributing agent is registered with the server.


  1. Click and select a solution from the Solutions list.
    The Solution pane is displayed. A list of assets are displayed.

    Solutions Menu Option
  2. Next to the Group by Type field, click ON.
    The assets are grouped by type.

    Group By Option

    Note: When a TopLevelObject is added as a member of a solution, you cannot see the status of the TopLevelObject.
  3. You can select multiple assets in a group to perform administrative tasks on them. For example, in the SampleProductAgentSolution, you can start, stop, delete, or change the port of a server. Similarly, you can get members of a selected node, or delete nodes collectively.

    Solutions Detailed View