SSL configuration

If you need to configure a secure socket layer (SSL) for a stand-alone installation or a single-Manager cluster installation of Spotfire Statistics Services, you can follow Apache Tomcat documented processes.

In the case of the single Manager node cluster with no load balancer, you do not need to perform this configuration on Worker nodes. If you have a load balancer, you must consult your load balancer documentation concerning SSL configuration.

For detailed information and procedures on configuring SSL with Apache Tomcat, follow the procedures in the SSL Configuration HOW-TO on the Apache Tomcat Web site.

You can use this information to configure SSL withSpotfire Statistics Services. If you are using a default installation, you can set SPSERVER_HOME/jre as JAVA_HOME and use the Apache Tomcat configuration file, server.xml, located in SPSERVER_HOME/tomcat/conf.

After you have configured SSL, you must modify the properties in the configuration file at SPSERVER_HOME/conf/ (for a standalone installation) or in SPSERVER_HOME/conf (if you installed a cluster with only one Manager node and no load balancer). In most cases, you need to update the service.url property only. For example, the following non-default service.url assignment indicates that Spotfire Statistics Services is using an SSL Connector on port 8443:


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