TIBCO WebFOCUS® is available for cloud and on-premise customers. In this release, we prioritized ease of use to deliver the following benefits for all users:

  • Faster Time to Insight: Quickly sift through massive amounts of data to find and access the information needed to quickly pull the most relevant insights with a redesigned home page and intelligent search functions
  • Streamlined Data Access: Access all of your data from a unified environment to simplify complex data sources and prepare them for analytics
  • Faster Data Prep: Prep and combine data for analysis faster using enhanced joins and unions, and gain performance improvements for large data sources
  • Seamless User Experience: Join data, visualize that data, and arrange your new content into an interactive page, all within a single session in WebFOCUS Designer
  • Smarter Workflows: Gain a holistic approach to data management that ultimately results in higher-quality insights and better business outcomes with improved data preparation and data flow development
  • Easier to Deploy: Take advantage of Upgrade-in-Place to accelerate time to deployment by automatically migrating existing data, settings, configuration files, and applications


Streamlined Access and Navigation

The new TIBCO WebFOCUS Hub provides navigation to all areas of TIBCO WebFOCUS, serving as a unified tool that offers consolidated authoring capabilities and a seamless administrative experience. In this new version, you can see your recent and favorite items from both the WebFOCUS Client and the Reporting Server straight from the Home view. You can also take a full advantage of the consolidated Page Toolbar, where you can access all your action menus, sort content, toggle between the list and tile views, select columns and more. The new redesigned user interface provides an intuitive way to view and differentiate your content at a glance.

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Visualizing Data

Enhanced Designer Workflows and UI

WebFOCUS Designer now includes an integrated canvas that enables you to join data, visualize that data, and arrange your new content into an interactive page, all within a single session. Using the enhanced feature set, you can create new content in a variety of standard or custom chart types and report layouts. You can style and customize these items individually, by adding temporary fields, customizable subtotals, or contextualized links to other content items and web pages. Filter your content based on values from different fields, which are chained, so that your selections are always valid. You can even create filters based on visual elements selected on the canvas. Then transform your chart or report instantly into a page, in which you can create, rearrange, and style even more new content, seamlessly switching between chart, report, and page components.

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Data Management

New Data Access Workflows

You can now access all of your data from a single, streamlined environment, which enables you to upload and modify data files or connect to various data sources, configure adapters and add or change connections. Then, easily visualize your data, use it to create content, or prepare it for future analysis.

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Data Preparation Enhancements

Sources and targets are now represented by database-specific icons, and the nodes have ports that indicate when required components are missing. You can now also drag targets onto the canvas. Excel targets are supported and now are generated with a synonym. Additionally, for large data sources, in addition to generating a representative sample to improve response times when making decisions, you can create a stratified sample that will contain a row with every unique value of fields that you select. So, for example, if you have a column named State, you can ensure that every state in the data source is included in the sample.

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Getting Started With TIBCO WebFOCUS®

These getting started videos are designed to support your success with TIBCO WebFOCUS. 


Key Features in TIBCO WebFOCUS® 9.0.0

Quickly learn about TIBCO WebFOCUS key features in Release 9.0.0.

Using the TIBCO WebFOCUS® Hub 9.0.0

Learn how to use the new TIBCO WebFOCUS Hub to organize your WebFOCUS content.


Playlist #1: Introducing TIBCO WebFOCUS® 8207

Watch these getting started videos, so you can begin using TIBCO WebFOCUS 8207 now.

Playlist #2: Key Features in TIBCO WebFOCUS®

Quickly learn about WebFOCUS key features in Release 8207.

Playlist #3: Using the TIBCO WebFOCUS® Start Page

Learn how to use the WebFOCUS start page to organize your WebFOCUS content.

Playlist #4: Working With Data in TIBCO WebFOCUS®

Learn how to upload or connect to your data and quickly enable data analysis.

Playlist #5: Creating Content in TIBCO WebFOCUS®

Learn how easy it is to begin creating content with WebFOCUS.

Playlist #6: Customizing Content in TIBCO WebFOCUS®

Take advantage of customization options in WebFOCUS to maximize your organization's success.

Playlist #7: Adding Content to a Page in TIBCO WebFOCUS®

Learn innovative ways of using your WebFOCUS content and incorporating it into pages.

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