Using System Views

In addition to the agents, TIBCO Enterprise Administrator also keeps track of the machines on which they are running. TIBCO Enterprise Administrator provides a Machine View that lists all the machines in an enterprise. Agents running on those machines expose the data to TIBCO Enterprise Administrator.


  1. On the menu, click The View icon on the main menu. and select Machines; next to System Views.
    The Machine pane lists all the machines in the enterprise. Details such as the status of the machine, operating system, CPU usage, memory, and the number of agents running on it are listed.
    Note: The Machines view always shows the CPU/Load column for a Windows machine instance as N/A.
  2. Click a machine of your choice.
    A detailed report about the machine is displayed. The report lists details about the machine, agents, network interfaces, and operating system processes.
    Warning: If you are viewing a machine that is running a Hawk micro agent on Windows, the Network and System Details are not displayed. Details such as CPU Load, Memory, Usage, Network Interfaces, and so on are not displayed on the Windows platform.
  3. For further details, you can drill down on the clickable items displayed in the window. For example, when you click an agent, the Agent Management pane is displayed.
  4. Click the arrow next to any of the columns to sort on that column. The up arrow is used to sort in the ascending order and the down arrow is used to sort in the descending order.
    The machines are sorted on their names.
  5. Click the Filter Icon icon next to a column to group by the column. Notice that not all columns have Filter icons.
    1. In the Filter window, enter the Filter condition. For example, to group machines whose names start with "BW", use the condition: Filter by BW.
      The machines are now sorted by their names.

      Filter By Condition
      Filter by condition
      Note: The server also displays the details of the machines on which a Hawk agent was discovered in the Machine view. These machines are displayed with a asterisk(*) next to them. These machines are detected only if the following criteria are met:
      • You have created a Hawk domain. For details on creating a Hawk domain, see Registering a Hawk Domain.
      • An agent is running in the Hawk domain.
      • You must have one Hawk agent per machine.