Enabling the OSGi Console for an AppNode

The enableconsole command dynamically enables the OSGi console on the given port for a running AppNode. Advanced users can telnet to the port and execute native OSGi commands to get information about an AppNode's status. This is useful when collecting diagnostic data remotely. By default, the OSGi port is closed.

Note: Although an AppNode can be created with OSGi port details specified, this is not recommended. Keeping this port open when the console is not in use poses a security risk.

The enableconsole command can only be executed against a running AppNode. It should be issued from bwadmin interactive mode, not from the command line.

If you are testing and running applications in TIBCO Business Studio, you can also access the OSGi commands from the Console view.

bwadmin Command Line


  1. In a terminal, navigate to BW_HOME\bin and type bwadmin.
  2. Go to MyDomain.
    bwadmin[admin]> cd MyDomain
  3. Go to MyAppSpace.
    bwadmin[admin@MyDomain]> cd MyAppSpace
  4. Start the AppNode, if it is not already running:
    bwamdin[admin@MyDomain/MyAppSpace]> start appnode MyAppNode
  5. Run the enableconsole command, passing the host and OSGi port number. For example:
    bwamdin[admin@MyDomain/MyAppSpace]> enableconsole -n MyAppNode JSMITH-W520 9060
    TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300304: Console enabled for AppNode [MyAppNode] in Domain [MyDomain]
    Note: You can also specify the OSGi port number using one of the following syntax:
    • hostname:port number
    • localhost:port number
  6. Open a new terminal window and use the telnet command to access the OSGi console:

    telnet JSMITH-W520 9060

    The OSGi console is opened in a terminal.

  7. Use OSGi commands to retrieve information about the engine, the AppNode, the running application. For a list of commands, enter: help. See the topic called OSGi Runtime Statistics Commands for more information.
  8. When you are done, use the disconnect command to gracefully quit the telnet session, and leave the OSGi port open for reentry. Use the telnet stop command to close the connection after the debugging session is complete. Do not use the telnet exit command as this will shut down the AppNode.